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Revers Lab

Illustrator & Artivist

About Me

I've been painting ever since I can remember. 

I attended art schools then I graduated in theatrical scenography, but my biggest passion is painting.

After some years as a vegetarian, during my studies at the "Rome Academy of Art", I found out the horrors of the dairy industry so I became a vegan.

I didn't know that my art would take a completely new path.

I started painting antispeciesist messages that soon put me in touch with the Italian vegan community.

I am an activist and an artist, I combine my ideals with my passion, finding my way in artivism.

Currently I work as illustrator, painter and I make various handicrafts, even starting from recycled materials. 

Revers Lab Art talks about animals, their suffering, the sick conditions of society, but also about dreams... dreaming a better world, showing at times "the other side of the coin", just re-thinking a simple world! (: 


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